EU exit : Fits Brexit may take russkaja years.

Not go, but also not to stay: The London Parliamentary can not decide. Where should result in an extension of the deadline, anyway? A With Special Reference To The.

The “no Deal”, the scarf feared, is off the table for now. Take this. This provides relief. But nothing is gained. Europe had hoped for from the vote marathon these days in the British Parliamentary clarification, as it goes now with the Brexit-Drama. Nothing will come of it. Instead, Once again grows in the uncertainty. The way to orderly exit from the EU, is not more to see .

The Vote to follow – up with some quirky deviations from the expected script. On Tuesday evening, the Parliamentary the by Theresa May has been negotiated had the outlet, contract for a second Time rejected. Yesterday, Wednesday evening, the chamber of deputies by a clear majority against a “no Deal”-Brexit. Now, on Thursday evening, follows as the third vote on an extension of the deadline on the 29 forecasts. March also.

But the About what to for an extension to decide, in the house of Commons actually do? A couple of weeks until the European elections, Therefore, Seem? Or until the constituent sitting of the new European Parliament in the on 2 in. There? Depending on the Interpretation of the British must be up to one or other of the Date, and then get out of the EU. Or you must vote in spite of Brexit Referendum russkaja once – and that would push the absurdity to the extreme. anyway, if you don’t want to stay in the EU .

That leaves room for a maximum of two to three months extension. Only, what is the purpose of this additional time? In the majority of conditions will change in this additional period, nothing basically. Because if this Chance would be, he would have done in previous weeks .

The Blockade stems from the fact that clear does not know the majorities what they want: Mays exit the contract. No “no Deal”-exit. But to Remain in the EU. In the recent flash survey, only 38 per cent spoke in favour of the Brexit to cancel and stay in the EU. Russkaja less a second Referendum requests: 29 percent.

With a few weeks of extension is nothing to reach .

Neither in the in the Parliamentary russkaja in the population him, however, a positive majority, which is to do the directing now. Certainly, for an extension of the deadline, there will be a majority, because that appears to be currently the only way how to prevent a “no Deal”-Chaos. What this period should serve, in addition, neither the members of russkaja are the Burger agree.

From the Community.

The withdrawal of the British russkaja towards dressing for years, then that would be a political disaster for all EU States including the UK. To prevent this political disaster, the UK must leave the EU before the elections to the EU Parliamentary .

This clarification is necessary in order to estimate how long the extension should be. It comes to modify the present outlet of the contract? Or, for that matter, to win time for re-elections in the UK, so a new Director can take a new approach to Brexit? Or, for that matter, the future relationship of the UK on the EU to negotiate? Depending on it comes to weeks, to months or years.

To make it short: With a few weeks of extension probably come to reach anything to. The EU does not want to undo the negotiated contract. To The Right. There’s nothing to suggest that there is a clear majority in the British Parliamentary would be established, when a certain Paragraph would be changed .

The UK needs a “Game-Changer”, a new direction. The Director has lost control of the process. May will not get any majority for your contract. The pressure medium, with which you can achieve this wanted – the threat that otherwise the unloved “no Deal” to come -has beaten the Parliamentary yesterday from the Hand with the vote against this “no Deal”.

Now, the Parliamentary would have to point in the direction .

Now, the Parliamentary would have to take the responsibility and the afterlife of the party, a bipartisan majority of the trenches are looking for a contract, how the future relationship of the UK to the EU. The Labour is, for example, for a customs Union.

But this Unity, in which direction it should go, in the British Parliamentary, and then a new Treaty with the EU to negotiate, not enough for a few weeks. The probably come lasts for two years. Or longer.

If a the British are now an extension on the 29. March and beyond. But only as a subterfuge to avoid the “no Deal”. You can’t agree to, how much time do you want to extend. A month allows you to Survey The support of 52 per cent. For more than three months, him I, not a majority.

Either the debate is to reveal this contradiction. Or will the EU tell the British that they can agree to an extension only if you are, and for what purpose. It is an Illusion is to be hoped that the British are going to change your mind and stay.

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British Drama of the Last Exit for the Brexit is the 22. May.

With all the votes and negotiations has not changed on the decisive obstacle to a solution: The British don’t know what you want. You may not agree but what you want. Fits the Brexit deal Europe russkaja long. And discourage, to take care of the russkaja future, more important questions. This can take russkaja years. Time has not in Europe. And it can’t clutter afford in view of the threat to its success basics by the changing world-.

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