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If spring comes, can summer be far behind? And when summer comes it doesn’t come alone. It brings a truckload of problems. Severe sunburns to your skin can be the most dreaded of all menaces triggered by those hot and hostile UV (ultra violet) rays.

Start using all natural healthy read here. One simple step of using an aluminum free deodorant or an organic soap will start the ball rolling in the right direction. There are quite a few great brands out that will keep you fresh all day.

Builder’s Pool: Just like it sounds, you accumulate Builder Points by signing up associates. You’re rewarded with an extra 2% of the total sales from the company.

Get a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer for your child to keep in their backpack. This is something they can use when they are not allowed to go to an area where they can wash their hands. Remember to check with your child’s school to ensure that this is allowed.

Royal Body Care’s product line is built around the Aloe Vera plant. Back in the 1980s, Clinton Howard invested $20 million on research and development to pin-point the active ingredients of this “Life-giving” plant. After four years, that research paid off and they found what they were looking for in the form of 200 active compounds. Their next step was to design a line-up of products based around that ingredient. The end result was a list of 75 Health and Wellness products with a foundation of solid science behind them. The specific categories they target are Wellness Enhancement, Skin Care and Fitness.

Do not put your wedding signature platter in the dishwasher. The dishwasher produces very hot temperatures that can harm the pen ink. Prolonged exposure to the hot temperatures can cause the pen ink to dull in color. We strongly recommend that if you need to clean you platter always hand wash. When Handwash products clean your platter with a mild soap and use a soft cloth.

While you are bathing you will probably want to remove any unwanted hair that is on your body. You can use a wax or depilatory to remove your unwanted hair growth. A razor can also be used in the hair removal. You should make sure that the razor you use is clean and not rusty. Discard any razor that appears to have rust on it. Shaving creams can help in your shaving process. Your skin will be nice and soft if you use a lotion after shaving.

This calls for important changes in your makeup and beauty product usage as well. Body care is important and there are so many different products out there. There are equally a large number of perfume products, hair products, makeup and more. When choosing beauty products, you don’t want to choose what is most popular at the time but what is best for you, your skin and beauty needs and your style. You also want to coordinate this with the time of the year for the best effects.

Poor eating habits, little to no exercise and putting on weight are big warning signs. Everything else is coming first in your life before your health. It’s time to put you front and center. If you’ve ever flown on an airplane you may remember the flight attendant saying, “put on your own oxygen mask first and then your child’s. If you do not have oxygen you will not be able to help anyone else.” More weight, less exercise, poor eating = low immune system and more sickness. It’s time to put YOU first.

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